Why Do Cats Spray

It’s a common complaint from many pet owners so we decided to cover it – why do cats spray? We will also be covering a new guide we came across that promises to solve this feline problem.

So Why Do Cats Spray?

There are apparently two types of cat spray – one from a very confident cat and one from a slightly intimidated cat. They both center around marking their territory but for two very different reasons.

Why do cats spray – Confident cats:

A confident cat that has not been fixed may well start to spray if it is nearing mating season – a sort of ‘look at me ladies’ type of situation. Also, a confident cat could be trying to emphasize it’s status within the household – letting all the other cats know who is in charge so to speak.

If you watch a confident cat you will notice that they sometimes patrol their favoured areas whilst spraying. This is to make sure the other cats are fully aware that this is their domain.

Sometimes you may hear cats fighting outside your house. It’s a horrible sound and one I dread to hear at night. If a confident cat has actually won a fight it will again use spraying to display and celebrate it’s victory.

Why do cats spray – Less confident cats:

When I asked a local breeder the question ‘why do cats spray’ she immediately went to the subject of less confident cats. I was under the impression that confident cats were more of a problem with this subject but she seemed to think it was the opposite.

She said it was more common for a less confident cat to express it’s fear or defensive aggression by spraying. This is very common place when a new cat enters the home – they use it as a last defence against against some sort of confrontation or fight with the cat.

A less confident cat can use it’s spray to gain knowledge of the territory. The spray acts as information that cats share between each other – especially if they want to avoid contact with each other.

The Stop Cat Peeing Guide

So now we’ve covered the question of ‘why do cats spray’ we can move on to some sort of cure to the problem – after all cat urine is not the type of air freshener most of us want in our homes!stop-cat-peeing-ebook-t3

So we ended up with a post based on ‘why do cats spray’ and that led us to product designed by Mike Whyte. Naturally we applied for the 60 days no risk test drive to see if we could give it a once over for the purpose of this post.

The guide is aptly named Stop Cat Peeing and it promises to get your cat doing it’s business in the litter tray within four days.

The benefits of this product:

– It is a constantly updated product and resource

– The creator of Stop Cat Peeing is a well known coach with great credibility

– It is laid out in very simple step-by-step format

– It is super affordable at a price of just $19.77

– Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk

– It is an online based guide so it’s very accessible

The Downside of this product:

– As I mentioned above it is a digital only format. If you are a fan of books you’ll have to print this out ( and that would cost you quite a bit more! ).

Summary on why do cats spray

So we’ve asked the question ‘why do cats spray’ and answered it as well. We’ve also provided an online product that is guaranteed to solve this messy problem.

If you would like to find out more information on the Stop Cat Peeing guide feel free to visit the official site by simply clicking the link below: