Welsh Blankets For Sale

So I was back home in Carmarthenshire last weekend and I came across a large sign reading ‘Welsh blankets for sale’ – it was one of those light bulb moments!

“And why was it a light bulb moment?” I hear you ask!

Well considering I am the main admin of this site and I am indeed Welsh I figured it was well overdue to include a Welsh post. Now I’m not an expert on Welsh blankets for sale by any stretch of the imagination but it got my juices flowing and I jumped into research mode – after all a brief history on Welsh blankets was hardly going to take that long to produce!

So the sign said Welsh blankets for sale!

Yes it certainly did and I later found out that these Welsh blankets for sale were actually Tapestry Blankets. Apparently another name for them is Carthens and they are woven on something called a Dobby loom! I’m told this is when two completely different pieces of cloth are woven together to make one attractive cloth. They date back as far as the 18th century but the ones I saw were from the 1960’s.

Fringed blankets – another form of Welsh blankets

As I mentioned above the Welsh blankets for sale I came across were Tapestry blankets but there are other, more popular types of blanket. My Auntie filled me in on these Fringed blankets as they are really popular in her area of Wales.

Again these blankets originated from mills based in and around Carmarthen and are known for their thick fringes. They were originally given as wedding presents.

Plaid Blankets

These were popular Welsh blankets for sale in the 1960’s and had a unique Plaid or Checker pattern to them. Again these types of Welsh Blankets originate from Carmarthenshire in South Wales ( yes – my part of the world again! ). There is one Carmarthenshire mill in particular that specialized in this type of blanket – Drefach Felindre!

Narrow Loom Welsh blankets

The last of the Welsh blanket’s is a much more collectable blanket. If you find any of these Welsh blankets for sale for a decent price I suggest you snap them up – there’s decent money in them!

They are quite rare and in big demand in most areas of Wales. They were supplied to local Welsh communities by the local mills and are very traditional. These Narrow Loom mills were replaced by the 1930’s by the more modern mills coming over from England.

A very brief history of Welsh blankets

So the Welsh blankets for sale led me to writing this very brief history on the subject. I live in London at the moment and absence sort of makes the heart grow fonder – I like to think of my homeland every now and again.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you spot any Welsh blankets for sale at a good price pick them up – you may make a tidy profit!