The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Study Internet Marketing

About four years ago I took up an opportunity to study internet marketing online with the view to working from home full time. I wanted a full internet marketing education that would give me an advantage over other marketing newcomers.

As you can imagine I came across many different courses offering their own brand of internet marketing education but nothing seemed to stand out. That is until I came across a blog post entitled is wealthy affiliate a scam? – this was the game changer for me and I never looked back.

Here I will cover the internet marketing education I gained through wealthy affiliate and why it differs so much from the other marketing guru’s out there.


The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Complete Internet Marketing Education

As owner of this site I have reviewed more than my fair share of internet marketing programs and courses. They all start off with the same promise of sorts – study internet marketing and make thousands of dollars a day, quit the nine to five job within a month, work for two hours a day and make untold riches – it all sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250 (2)Unfortunately this cannot and will not happen no matter how religiously you study internet marketing. The amount of work you put into marketing directly effects the amount of money you will get out of it – hard work and dedication are the key.

So usually I am the bearer of bad news on this site – constantly highlighting the downfalls of various work from home schemes. It’s nice for once to actually review something that I am 100% happy with and I have no problems promoting.

This is why I urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and give the next few minutes of your life to this review.  When you discover a program that actually comes through on its promises, it’s time to sit up and pay attention!


The Wealthy Affiliate Review From a Members Perspective

Simply put – if you’re looking to study internet marketing then look no further…….you have arrived! The best thing about this internet marketing education is that it is now FREE! That’s right – put away the credit card and close the Paypal tab on your browser…….Wealthy Affiliate is now free.

When I first signed up I had to pay $47 a month for their training and services – I have to admit I am a little jealous of free newcomers to the community! I hate to see a financial barrier stand between someone who’s ready, willing and able to start building an online career.

If I’m honest this used to be my only criticism of the process with wealthy affiliate – the monthly fees. But now the owners have removed this barrier I am left with absolutely nothing to complain about – the opportunity to study internet marketing for free!


The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Who Are Kyle And Carson?

Kyle and Carson are the guys that are supplying us with this amazing opportunity to study internet marketing. These two are considered among the top marketing mentors online today and with good reason:

The Wealthy Affiliate community they run is based around the hard work and mistakes these guys made when first starting out in internet marketing.

These mistakes are now important lessons for anyone who would like to follow in their footsteps and study internet marketing successfully.



Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Education – Product Overview

With Wealthy Affiliate you are given the opportunity to join a community and learn about online business. They teach you how to build websites,start your own business and create your very own career path. The most powerful factor of the product is the community – each and every member will go out of their way to help you succeed in your internet marketing education.

With wealthy affiliate you WILL get:

  • An interactive training and educational platform to help you study internet marketing more effectively.
  • A fantastic community made up of thousands of members all looking to help newcomers.
  • Easy-to-follow video training and support inside Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Access to very effective internet marketing tools and tutorials how to use them.
  • At least two FREE websites with FREE hosting.
  • Access to senior members blog posts and tips.

With Wealthy Affiliate you WILL NOT get:

  • A quick rich scheme that will lead to a house in the Bahamas.
  • A Multi Level Marketing scheme ( MLM) – you need not refer anyone to their services to make money
  • Small print after sales or the need to upgrade! Upgrading has it’s advantages but it is totally up to you. Tools. training and websites are included in the free package.
  • An internet marketing guru who promises you the world  ( and then pimps out your email address! ).


The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Who Can Study Internet Marketing?

People of all skill levels can take part  in this fantastic community and gain a solid internet marketing education.wa_change_life_125x125You can quickly learn about how to create your own website and get your online business up and running in no time. I started off as a complete newbie since then I have owned and run over ten websites successfully.

The Wealthy Affiliate is for Everybody – if you are willing to lean then they will supply. Study internet marketing at your own pace without the threat of monthly payments.


The Pros of A Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Education:

  • You are able to study internet marketing in easy to follow steps and the information is updated regularlyThe training materials are frequently and new tutorials are added daily. Members can even create their own internet marketing education and share it with other members.
  • As well as the opportunity to study internet marketing you get access to some pretty impressive and easy to use website building tools. That’s right – Kyle and Carson have provided a brilliant website construction system along with some kick ass tutorials to walk you through the process.
  • Live weekly internet marketing education through video tutorials ( or Webinars ). These video tutorials are second to none and you can learn a lot in a very short space of time with them.
  • Study internet marketing with the backup of one-on-one coaching. If at any time you feel overwhelmed with the whole thing you can contact either Kyle or Carson personally! They reply to every private message received.
  • You are becoming a member of a community. This is not some dodgy e-book that you have purchased through a PTC site – this is a living, functioning community. It’s a legit program that teaches you step-by-step how to work from home from your computer, Pad or laptop. If you have a problem the surrounding community will respond and help in any way they can.

The Cons of a Wealthy Affiliate Internet marketing Education:

  • There is sometimes to much good information available leading to overload. It sometimes becomes hard to study internet marketing and stay focused on one subject due to the amount of information to digest at any one time. There are many interlinked subjects within an internet marketing education and things can become muddled.
  • There is a fee to upgrade. As with any other online offer – the upgraded members will get an advantage. They have more access to more diverse training and they also get more marketing tools. Upgrading is totally up to you! I actually left the Wealthy Affiliate community about a year back but rejoined as a free member – I missed the place! This website is actually being hosted for free by their service!


Conclusion of the Wealthy Affiliate Review

Most programs of this quality on the internet will ask for money upfront and this makes them pretty risky in my book. You will often get personal messages or emails off Kyle and Carson asking if you want to upgrade but AT NO POINT DO YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE.

You can set up a successful business with the free membership without the worry of losing everything you have built. People tend to upgrade once they have made some money and they want to study internet marketing further.

The internet marketing education Kyle and Carson provide is second to none and now free of charge. Check out the membership comparison table below and simply click on it to be taken to the site itself – see you there!