The Best Way to Clean Windows

So it’s that time of year again when you’ve gone online to find the best way to clean windows before the summer kicks in. I’m not going to beat around the bush – I’m just going to get straight into it……..
As with any other job – the key to finding the best way to clean windows is to be prepared for the job before starting.

So our window bucket ( Window Cleaning Bucket opposite sold by Amazon ) – pretty straightforward really, a simple supermarket bucket with a wide enough radius. At this point I’m not going to tell you to go out and pay money for some squeegee solution as I never use this. In my opinion the best way to clean windows is with the cheapest solution known to man – dish washing liquid ( or fairy liquid as we call it in my house! ).

So the solution is mixed up in the window bucket – hot water and dish washing liquid. Next step is to prepare the actual window. Now there is going to be various things you are going to want to reduce from the window before starting:

  • Cobwebs
  • Dirt
  • Bird Excrement
  • Spiders
  • Bug Excrement

To remove the majority of this I always use a house broom – simple and yet so effective ( especially if you are cleaning the outside of the window ). So the excess is now off the window and you are ready to start……..but not just yet!

Utility belt ( just like batman! ). Yeah we cannot do without the utility belt for this job. On the belt I usually have a squeegee, a micro fiber cloth and a normal cotton cloth. The sponge I always keep floating in the window bucket.

I find that the best way to clean windows is to use a normal coarse household sponge instead of the more expensive ‘professional’ alternative. The cotton cloth is used for wiping down the frames whilst the micro fiber cloth is used for touching up spots on the glass.

There is also one other little tool I use for a window cleaning trick – a simple razor blade ( Stanley Razor Scraper opposite sold by Amazon ). I usually keep this in a designated back pocket to avoid nasty cuts. The razor I use for removing stubborn stains ( usually insect poo! ) from the window – works wonders!

I’m not going into the whole ‘ladder’ aspect of this technique as I know your not fools – if you can’t reach a window you know what to do!

So lets get to the technique for the best way to clean windows!

In my book the old ways are the good ways so…..

  • Simply use the sponge to wash down the window with a little force
  • Pull out the squeegee and use horizontally across the window
  • Quickly use the cotton cloth to remove squeegee lines and then wipe down the frames
  • Buff over the glass with the micro fiber cloth
  • Stand back and look up at the glass at an angle
  • Remove any blemishes left again with the micro fiber cloth.

It really is that simple. This is by far the best way to clean windows if you cannot afford the window cleaning machines. OK it is time consuming – especially if you have a large house but it is very friendly on the wallet.

If this seems like hard work to you then the best way to clean windows for you is probably to splash a little cash and purchase a window vac cleaner. There are examples of this product listed all over this page and simply clicking one will take you through to Amazon where you can look through their selection.