Red Wine And Acne

So is there are direct link between red wine and acne and if there is why does it happen?

Acne is no fun no matter what your age – it effects your state of mind and always manages to dent your confidence a little. It is not usually a problem for me until I have a night on the red wine so I decided to look into the matter for a solution.


The main reasons for acne are thought to be genetics, differing lifestyles and what you consume. Alcohol effects the hormonal balance in your body and in turn this effects your immune system . With the immune system down it is much easier for bacteria to block your pores up.

Skin Health

it’s not just red wine and acne that you have to worry about – it’s your general skin health that gets effected. Check out the following points:

  • Consuming a lot of red wine actually damages your skin
  • Red wine and acne are related due to dehydration which drags water out of your body cells. The detox process in the body is then reduced to a crawl and acne occurs.
  • Red wine is thought to make acne appear a lot worse as it causes natural redness in the skin.
  • Sulfites are another problem for red wine and acne. These Sulfites are put in the wine to protect it against bacteria but as a side effect – they do cause acne!
  • Red wine has an extremely high sugar yeast content which is an effective ground for the growth of bacteria – leading to acne!

Red Wine And Acne – Moderation Could Be Key!

So we’ve just covered the downsides to red wine and acne – is there any good news? Well yes, if you enjoy the odd glass of red wine you could see some improvement in your complexion:

  • Small amounts of red wine give you a decent boost of antioxidants which are great for keeping the skin healthy.
  • I’ve heard that in some cases red wine is actually added to skin care products in an attempt to fight free radicals and stimulate blood circulation.
  • This stimulation process can appear to soften wrinkles in your face and in turn make you look a little younger.
  • Again, I am led to believe that red wine is added to some home made face masks to make them a little more effective.
  • There is an ingredient in red wine called Resveratrol and it comes from the grape skins. Resveratrol in moderation is known to calm down the symptoms of acne.

The Good And The Bad

So there is a good side to red wine and acne and a bad side. I tend to see the bad side more often than not due to the fact that I like more than one glass of red wine.

In moderation red wine and acne effects can be positive so it’s all about levelling it up. If you finish the bottle off your skin will obviously suffer more over time.