Montgomery Gentry Songs

How many of you out there have heard about Montgomery Gentry songs? I hazard a guess that not many of you are raising your hand at this moment in time. Well guess what I didn’t either!

I was stuck doing some keyword research for a client ( or friend ) a few weeks back and the phrase ‘Montgomery Gentry songs’ popped up by accident. I trained as a musician in Europe as a younger man so my attention was tweaked almost instantly.

So I decided to change the pace a little today and cover some Montgomery Gentry songs. This post does not really cover any product per se but I still think the subject was worth covering….I hope you feel the same!

The Illusive Montgomery Gentry Songs

Montgomery and Gentry are part of the country music scene in Kentucky. They have written and released many popular songs but they still seem to be a little illusive – not many people seem to know about them.

I was really surprised to find this duo were really pretty good! A lot of the Montgomery Gentry songs have actually picked up awards and are quite familiar when listened to.

I’m not in any way a country fan and the music I write takes very little influence from it but the Montgomery Gentry songs I listened to were very easy to get into – they stretched over genres well. So below is a short list of the songs I was lucky enough to listen to and take note of. I’m not saying all their stuff was good but the compositions below caught my attention:

She Don’t Tell Me To – This was a pretty cool love song and the lyrical quality seemed pretty well thought out and it’s refreshing the way the song is based on the male efforts in a relationship.

My Town – Another pretty impressive score that covered various towns around the US that are very ‘community based’. Maybe a little fluffy in parts as far as the lyrics go but overall a catchy song that definitely stood out a little.

Didn’t I – This was probably the most intelligent of Montgomery Gentry songs I listened to in that sitting. Was unsure at first but I have been told it is an ode to the soldiers that are overseas. Good song!

Some People Change – This is the most recent of Montgomery Gentry songs and was the first one I listened to. Decent melody and lyrics pulled me in and made me want to hear more. It is also the title song from a very popular CD release of theirs which is also well worth listening to.

So that’s about it guys – one strange key phrase ‘Montgomery Gentry songs’ led to me discovering this unlikely duo and spreading the word of their works. As I mentioned country is not really my type of thing but this was pretty decent.