Microphone For Garageband

Good news – finding the best microphone for Garageband has never been easier! Gone are the days of combating low latency and installing driver after driver trying in vain to get a half decent sound out of your laptop DAW.

I love Garageband and I’m not afraid to admit it – it’s not the only DAW I use to produce music but it’s certainly one of my favorites. A lot of so called producers will stop reading at this point and move onto the next search result and good look to them – it’s their loss!

Garageband tends to be overlooked for no reason other than it comes completely free with most Mac packages. It’s a shame really – if people invested in a decent microphone for Garageband and actually hung around to see what the program could do they would be very, very surprised.

I suppose it doesn’t help knowing that Garageband is reportedly the poorer sister software of Apple’s LOGIC. The truth of the matter is Garageband has a lot of power and a lot of professional parameters and presets – it rocks!

So enough about that – if you have a copy of Garageband then lets get to it ( if you haven’t……..you know what you’ve got to do! ). Pissing about with samples in a drag and drop format is fun enough but any real producer or serious musician knows that having a real analog signal in the song is very important.

By introducing a microphone for Garageband you are giving your setup the ability to create great vocal lines, your own acapella samples, space filling acoustic guitar rhythms and much, much more. In my experience a DAW with a microphone setup is 100 times more effective than one which is stuck in the digital domain.

The argument of Digital Vs Analog has gone on for many years now and I fail to see why it’s even an argument. Both are great and both have a place in any song. Sequencing samples is fine and creating a song completely from analog signals is fine!

The Blue Yeti USB Mic 

OK if you are anything like me the prospect of a USB mic always filled me with dread. Suddenly I was introduced to a condenser mic that really changed the game – the Blue Yeti.

If you are looking for a high quality microphone for Garageband that is very reasonably priced then you have found it. I couldn’t get over how impressive the Yeti was in every aspect. The sound quality rivaled ANY analog condenser I had used and the self noise ratio was near non-existent!

The look of the Yeti was the first thing to hit me – very old fashioned like the vintage mics of the 50’s and 60’s. It is heavy, durable and extremely well made. If you have ever had problems setting up USB mics before don’t worry – this is basically a ‘plug and play’ model. It takes the issue of USB mics to a whole new level.

The last microphone for Garageband I had was a right bitch to set up correctly and to monitor. The Yeti has a monitor section built in with a mini jack headphone socket to boot. There are four microphone settings including Cardiod, stereo, Ominidirectional and Bidirectional. This is the ONLY microphone for Garageband you will ever need!

Seriously guys – the Blue Yeti has a beautiful sound quality and a beautiful price to match. At the $100 mark it is an extremely good value microphone for Garageband. It is so easy to set up even my eight year old son could manage it!

The Blue Yeti is currently being sold on Amazon for a cut price and the picture links on this article will direct you right to the sales/review page. Alternatively you can simply click the link below:

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Cardiod/Bidirectional/Omnidirectional/Stereo Microphone