How to Remove Back Hair

​I’ve been looking into a few methods on how to remove back hair for the last year or so due to the fact I am off on holiday to sunny climates in a few months. I don’t know what it is about the whole hairy back thing but it really gets to me – I feel very conscious about it.

My partner does not understand the need to find out how to remove back hair – she actually likes it! I suppose it comes from my childhood when we used to make fun of hairy men and call them ‘werewolves’ or the like!

So I thought I’d include a post on this site today that covers my research into the matter as I’m sure many other men feel the same way as me. After all if you are unhappy with your appearance you have the right to change it!

How to Remove Back Hair With a Back Shaver

This is one of the options I tried first and it was very successful – but only for a short amount of time. You see, if you choose this option you will have to keep on doing it every 3 – 4 days otherwise it looks really bad. Bare in mind once you shave hair it will grow back stronger in most cases!

If you want to learn how to remove back hair with a back shaver you obviously need to purchase one first! They have a much longer arm than normal electric razors so that you can reach down over your shoulder.

Find a open space in your bathroom in front of a mirror before starting. You need to hold a small shaving mirror in your hand to point at an angle down your back. Using the large mirror in front of you and the mirror in your hand you should be able to get a good visual of your back area when shaving.

As I mentioned this technique worked really well for me but it did take me about twenty minutes to get the desired effect. After a few days a stubbly mess started to return so I had to go through the whole process again!

How to Remove Back Hair With Hair Removal Cream

For those of you that are looking for information on how to remove back hair using hair removal cream you should heed this warning – hair removal cream can have a BAD effect on your skin!

Depending on your skin type I would be very careful using this stuff. If you have a more sensitive skin type then I would say stay away from this method – it can burn!

It’s pretty simple stuff to use really but always remember to wash your hands afterwards and do not rub the cream deep into your skin. Each product differs for the amount of time you should leave it on the hair so check before starting.

After that time, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe a small area. If the hair does not come off easily, wait another couple of minutes.

How to Remove Back Hair Using Wax ( Ouch! )

Yeah this is not for the faint hearted but I find it the most effective method. The following is the information I used to find out about how to remove back hair with wax – bare in mind you need a loved one to help you out with this!

First of all you need the wax which is easy enough! I go for the top rated female waxes as they work really well. When Learning how to remove back hair with wax keep in mind how important it is to wash your back area first. All sweat and oil pores must be clean for the wax to take to the body.

Dry your back and get your partner to apply the wax to a area of hair and then apply the strip. Now this is the important part – when removing the strip keep it close to the skin and do it fast! This really does minimize the pain ( and man can it be painful!!! ).

Continue this process until the back is clear of hair and then wash the back area to minimize the chance of infection.

The Choice is Yours

So you’ve been given the methods I tried out when I was looking into how to remove back hair. The choice is ultimately yours but I would definitely recommend waxing as it remains the most effective. It is painful if not done correctly but the results are excellent and last for at least six weeks.

We have included product links related to how to remove back hair all through this post. The products are sold securely through Amazon so feel free to check them out further to see if they are what you are looking for!