How to Make Money in Property

For those of you out there looking into how to make money in property this review could be what you were looking for! Today we will be covering a product named The Smart Wholesaler – created by real estate investor Ebony Thompson.

At this point let me also provide full disclosure – if you access his site through any of the links we provide on this page and ultimately end up purchasing this product, we will earn a commission on that sale – money that will be reinvested in keeping the lights on around here. Nonetheless, I will try to do as objective a review as I can.

So What is The Smart Wholesaler?

Stripped down to it’s bare bones – this is an e-book that will attempt to teach you how to make money in property. It gives you a head start so you can outshine your competitors and build a successful business.

Ebony travelled down many different avenues when learning how to make money in property and found nothing but frustration. She embarked on Seminars, purchased numerous e-books and courses and found nothing worthwhile.

So she created The Smart Wholesaler to overthrow the same outdated and recycled strategies. The e-book is made up of techniques on how to make money in property that Ebony herself discovered through trial and error.

What Will You Get With The Smart Wholesaler

So let’s get down to business! Inside The Smart Wholesaler you will receive all the marketing measures needed to succeed in this business along with effective advertising actions.

Things like cold calling, door knocking and poster campaigns are NOT covered in this e-book! The techniques taught are actually used by a handful of very ‘real’ and successful estate agents.

As well as these important tips on how to make money in property you are supplied with a check-list of all the things you should stay clear of ( including certain personalities! ).

You will be setting up your identity in the sector and at the same time raising above the opposition in this saturated industry. By revamping traditional methods on how to make money in property you will create money-making techniques other estate agents haven’t thought of!

The e-book will also explain:

– How to get house sellers to lower their asking price dramatically without even asking

– How to make buyers fight for your offered deals

– How to fill your list with real buyers instead of individuals who will just treat your emails as spam

– Copies of all the forms and documents that Ebony uses to close her deals

– The places to go to find the motivated and energetic sellers

– The techniques used to separate a real buyer and real seller from typical time wasters

– A sixty day calender which is set up with a step-by-step tutorial process

– How to get paid in multiple ways even if you fail to sell any property!


I have to be honest – I ( and my colleagues ) knew nothing about real estate or wholesale marketing before I came across this product.

It was a really simple to follow, step-by-step tutorial on how to make money in property. The price is set at $47 ( which is currently about £30 ) which is hardly anything considering you are starting up a business with it!

Some of the information on how to make money in property seemed to stray off topic a little bit. A very small portion of the teachings seemed to be directed at women only but I think this is down to the experiences of Ebony herself!

Anyway – it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, if you are looking for effective tutorials on how to make money in property The Smart Wholesaler should be top of your shopping list.

Good luck with your real estate business!