Healthy Weight Loss Supplements

There are many myths surrounding healthy weight loss supplements and their effectiveness. Not surprising really – I mean a pill that helps you lose weight……..hell sign me up! I would have thought that most people who have attempted to lose weight have toyed with the idea of taking healthy weight loss supplements – but do they really work?

Dieters could be forgiven for thinking there might be a simple solution to losing weight but in my experience hard work and dedication are the most effective elements of successful weight loss.

So What About These Herbs?

One of the most popular healthy weight loss supplements is an African herb called Hoodia. It kind of looks like messed up Cactus and not that appealing really but it is said to work as a appetite suppressant.

It is said that Hoodia is used by men who make long journeys across the desert – they use it to arrest their hunger.

The active ingredient in Hoodia is thought to be a compound called P57 which has been tested on animals ( which I am not a fan of!!! ). These animals did show a reduced appetite and ate less.

Hoodia is one of the healthy weight loss supplements that has not yet been tested on humans through proper research so it’s effectiveness in my book is hit and miss!

So I’m Using Healthy Weight Loss Supplements – I Don’t Need to Diet or Exercise Then?

No no no! Please do not believe this for one second. Most popular healthy weight loss supplements will always indicate on their label the need for diet and exercise. They are not a replacement for either of these in any way – they are meant as a combination!

Anyone up For Some Green Tea?

Here we have one of the healthy weight loss supplements that actually work! It’s not the most fashionable method but it thought that Green Tea has an effect on weight loss. I wouldn’t go as far as saying drinking gallons of the stuff will lead to severe weight loss though.

It is thought that the natural weight loss that Green Tea offers is mainly down to the natural caffeine it contains. A stimulant will cause you to use up calories if it causes you to move more and green tea contains a strong amount of caffeine.

If it’s on a Store Shelf Then it’s Bound to be Safe For me to Take!

It does not matter how well advertised healthy weight loss supplements are, they are very rarely approved ( especially in the United States ). A recent report suggested that 69 weight loss supplements were actually laced or tainted with laxatives, diuretics and various other ingredients not listed on their label.

Oh God! Not Side Effects!

So ​healthy weight loss supplements are supposed to have no side effects…….not true. Think about it for a moment – if healthy weight loss supplements can cause an effect then they can probably cause some sort of side effect.

If you want to be ‘completely natural’ then you should probably look for natural elements within the food you eat. 

So lets face facts – some of these weight loss supplements work whilst others are just a myth. Some are natural and some are not so natural. Until ALL the available products are tested, researched and regulated properly then it is difficult to go one way or the other – the final choice must be up to you!