Getting Rid of Mold on Walls

​Are you looking for information on getting rid of mold on walls and prevent it from coming back? Read on for some useful strategies!

It doesn’t matter how much you initially pay for a house – mold and mildew will, over time, become a real problem. It’s not just the fact that it looks pretty scummy – it’s not exactly great for your health either.

The good news is getting rid of mold on walls does not have to be that big a task – everyday cleaning products can be used to great effect with this problem. There are a few suggestions of these products included on this page.

So What is Mildew/Mold?

Mold is an airborne fungus that develops in warm conditions where there is little airflow. This is why bathrooms and loft areas tend to suffer most with the problem.

The key to this problem is a lack of ventilation inside the house – but outside the house can also bring it’s own problems. If there are problem pipes/plumbing around the house then mold will occur inside the house.

It’s easy enough to spot this problem – you know the black spots you sometimes see on bathroom walls and ceilings, they are very common. If you want to test if the black areas are mildew simply wash a small part with bleach. If the spots disappear within five minutes it’s mold/mildew. If they remain a stain then you probably just have dirt marks on the walls.

The Process

Below is the method used in getting rid of mold on walls along with a few effective products you may be interested in for getting the job done!

  • If you do not have any of the household products listed on this page then you will have to make your own. Do this by mixing up chlorine bleach with water – usually about one part bleach to three parts water.
  • Wipe down the area with the liquid and then scrub over with a brush. To be sure wipe down the area with the liquid again to finish.
  • This technique will remove most mildew problems but if it fails you may well have to purchase one of the more specialized house cleaning products. Don’t mix two cleaning products – chemical reactions can be very hazardous.

Now its Gone……..Stop it From Coming Back!

So we’ve looked into getting rid of mold on walls – now we need to look at stopping it from returning!

I personally like to use anti-damp/mildew paint on my walls after I’ve gone through the cleaning process. Getting rid of mold on walls is easy enough but keeping it from recurring can be a bit of a pain.

As I mentioned above, special paint deals with the problem for several years but you will need to reapply it once the mildew breaks through. For more long-term mould prevention, consider installing an electric de-humidifier in badly-affected areas.

Getting rid of mold on walls depends upon damp conditions – if you stop these conditions then you will stop the problem!