Free Audio Mixing Software

There is a lot of free audio mixing software on the market these days that allows you to build a studio on a shoe string. I know this because I have been through most of them and recorded several albums using different platforms.

So I decided to write this post covering what I deem to be the best free audio mixing software and highlight my personal preference.

First of all I better point out that views on free audio mixing software will always differ due to personal taste. Everyone will have their own favorite piece of audio software that they are more familiar with. This article is just a guide to the free audio mixing software I have found most useful in the past.

Let’s start with a piece of software I used to love but I’m afraid I have now turned my back on a little. It’s called Reaper and it is available for free download online. I should point out it is not considered ‘free’ overall as the makers Cockos expect you to evaluate the software and then pay for the full version after about 60 days.

This is NOT limited though – you do not have to pay ever unless you want to! Cockos will not cancel your copy or subscription and you can go on forever using it. They just rely on you being a good citizen and paying after a while. I’ll be honest – I’ve never paid for a copy and I doubt I ever will!

You see Reaper is a very impressive piece of free audio mixing software – probably the best by far! Only thing is I find it completely unstable and it bugs frequently. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it does happen to more than a few.

It bugs out when I add certain plugins, it decide’s to ‘lose’ the location of samples on my HD, it stops working at times when you change tempo map……the list goes on and on. I know it’s not me that has had this problem and I know Cockos are aware of it. Updates don’t seem to help and I’m afraid I just can’t trust it with my valuable demos/work.

If it wasn’t for these irritating bugs I would give Reaper five stars but because of them I can only give it about four. It’s still an excellent program for free and very, very powerful but with the bugs – I will never totally trust it with my precious music.

If you like more of the FL Studio type route there is some excellent free audio mixing software set up originally for the Linux Systems. It works on Windows PC’s and it is very, very impressive.

Do a quick search for LMMS through Google now and see what turns up – you will not be disappointed. I have to be honest here – LMMS has completely ripped of FL Studio ( Fruity Loops ) and released a version of it for free. But it is great! It is hard to use and it is hard to get used to but man is it impressive!

There are about 64 effects channels leading to unlimited possibilities for mixing and sounds. Record MIDI and all types of samples directly into the program. Use a piano roll and a beat & bassline editor to tighten up the tune…….the list is quite simply endless.

As I said above do a simple search for this free audio mixing software and download the most recent version totally for free. What have you got to lose? If you are serious about making it in the music business and you want an effective piece of free audio mixing software then look no further. It rates at an easy five stars ( I find it much more stable than Reaper ).

So far we have covered two really powerful pieces of free audio mixing software but there is one more that I just have to cover. Unfortunately you need a Mac to run this particular free audio mixing software but it is by far my favorite. Welcome to the world of Garageband – now given out free with every Mac computer ( or so I’m led to believe! ).

Apparently if you have a Mac without this piece of free audio mixing software then you can choose to download it for free anyway. DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW! This music program kicks ass big style!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there in the music industry that look down their noses at this particular free audio mixing software but they can sling their hook – this is powerful stuff. The problem is as it is free and it is an Apple product some producers tend to think it is pretty much worthless.

Well guys I’m here to tell you it most certainly is not. I currently have about 70 AU plugins running with my version of Garageband and it totally rocks! The AU ( or Audio Unit ) plugins I use were also all free – the system is brilliant!

The samples and sequencer section are so easy to compose with, the audio recorder is easy and top quality, the effects are brilliant, the range of plugins are excellent and the software instruments included are powerful to.

I am currently writing an album using Grangeband ( free ), Ableton Live ( Supposed to be paid! ) and FL Studio ( supposed to be paid! ). Obviously Abelton and FL are supposed to command a high price but there are ways of getting them for free that I refuse to go into as I enjoy their software to much!

Garageband Keeps up with these other high punching studios easily and in many respects is a lot better. Garageband is free audio mixing software that can rival ANY paid Digital Audio Workstation out there in my opinion.

Remember – a lot of people have their own favoriteĀ free audio mixing software leading to them being very familiar with it. If this is the case ( and I am no different! ) then they will always promote and favor thatĀ free audio mixing software.

So take a look at the three I have mentioned here today – you will not be disappointed. If you have a Mac then don’t wait – jump at the opportunity to use the wonderful Garageband. Remember that a lot of people have no real problems with Reaper so don’t naturally think it’s going to disappoint you. And LMMS…….well it’s free, it’s stylish, it works and it comes with a load of ‘in the box’ plugins.