Foods Allowed on Paleo Diet

​In this post we will be looking at the foods allowed on Paleo diet and finding out why this type of diet is so rapidly growing in popularity. We will also be covering a fantastic guide release to help you get started!

So What is a Paleo Diet?

​Simply put, a Paleo Diet or ‘Caveman Diet’ is based around the foods our ancestors used to consume to achieve good health. Many people have had drastic results of improved health and impressive physique when consuming the foods allowed on Paleo diet such as game meat, various seafood, wild fruits/nuts and eggs. The human body is known to have been at it’s peak when using this simple diet of animal fats and proteins because of it’s low volume of carbohydrates.

The Paleo Recipe Book

​The Paleo Recipe Book was created by Sebastien Noel who happens to be one of the leading authorities on Paleo Diets. When he was younger Sebastien suffered from a range of health issues including allergies, irritable bowls and migraines. He turned to the foods allowed on Paleo diet to help change his health situation and in turn change his life – he was successful!

What Is The Paleo Recipe Book?

​The Paleo Recipe Book involves over 300 recipes and is broken down into certain food dish sections. The following are foods allowed on Paleo diet that each section of the guide provides:

– Red meat and poultry.
​- Pork.
​- Stew and Curries.
​- Seafood and fish.
​- Salads.
​- Egg related foods.
​- Vegetables.
​- Soups.
​- Breakfasts.

​Every recipe is very well set out featuring all the ingredients and how to correctly prepare them along with photo representation of what the final meal should look like.

​As well as the main recipe book the whole package actually includes three extra bonus eBooks of varying value. The first bonus is the Quick & Simple Paleo Meals cookbook who’s individual value is at $20. This bonus cookbook is made up of 30 newbie Paleo meals which are easy to prepare. The recipes in this cookbook include: Flank Steak & Cherry Tomato, Beef Kabobs & BBQ Eggplant, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast With Fried Vegetables and many more.

​The second bonus is the 8 Week Meal Plan who’s individual value is usually at $18. This meal plan allows you to jump into a Paleo diet straight away in virtual autopilot. Just follow the simple instructions included in the meal plan and sit back and enjoy the health benefits Having this meal plan is a great reference for sticking to the foods allowed on Paleo diet.

​The third bonus is the Herb & Spice Guide who’s individual value is usually at $16. This guide will give you expert help on using your favored herbs and spices to add distinctive flavor to the foods allowed on Paleo diet. This guide also offers information on the medical benefits of certain herbs and spices.

Access To The Paleo Recipe Book

​The Paleo Recipe Book and the bonuses it includes is available as a downloadable eBook and there is no physical item to be shipped anywhere. This means that you have instant access to the item once you have paid and it can be viewed on PC, Mac or smartphone and the item also includes a 100% full refund system with no questions asked. So take note of the foods allowed on Paleo diet and make the change to your lifestyle! If you are interested in visiting the official Paleo Recipe Book website simply click the link below: