Correct Breathing While Running

By employing the correct breathing while running your workouts will end up a lot more beneficial. Many people tend to think it’s more important to concentrate on the movements of the arms and legs but the correct breathing while running is equally as important.

If you take part in races then the ability to inhale a lot of oxygen will obviously give you a very impressive advantage over the other competitors.

Running Out of Breath

The correct breathing while running can help you avoid running out of breath – a common and natural process that happens with running. You see, when running your muscles are taking up a lot of oxygen from your system.

Your muscles take up a constant supply of oxygen when you are in motion ( running/jogging ) and your lungs have to work really hard to keep up with this process. This is the main reason you naturally run out of air during exercise.

The correct breathing while running depends upon this process so you must finely tune it. There is something called the ‘talk test’ that can sort of show you your limits. Start out running and talk away to yourself at a decent volume. Slowly start to pick up the pace and continue talking until you start to run out of breath – the cut off was just before this point!

Mouth Not Nose!

Most of the time we breathe through the nose without really realizing it. When running you must learn to breathe through your mouth. When using your mouth to breathe you can take in more oxygen and expel more Carbon Dioxide.

Long or Short Breaths

The correct breathing while running obviously depends on the length of the breaths you take. This is where the arguments enter the subject – many go for the short shallow breaths and the remainder go for the longer breaths to increase stamina.

Personally I would say stick to shorter breaths for football and other team sports but take longer breaths for the actual distance running – it has always worked for me!

There is also the question of implementing rhythm into your running technique. A lot of people think the correct breathing while running revolves around the rhythm of your breathing. You should inhale and exhale at a consistent rate, no matter how fast or slow you are running.

Correct Breathing While Running

As I mentioned earlier on in the article – there seems to be a bit of an argument over the length of breaths when running. I feel the correct breathing while running should ultimately be down to the individual but I do advise you to try the shorter breaths for the grass sports and the longer breaths for the distance running.

If you want a more in depth guide to all aspects of running correctly we recommend taking a look at Marathon And Half Marathon by Sam Murphy. It was the guide that was recommended to me a couple of years back and is still the basis for my knowledge now. A direct link to the guide is provided through the picture link below: