Cash Paid Survey – The Clixsense Review

Ever thought about completing a ​cash paid survey online to earn a little extra money? Do you fancy completing tasks for money online? Do you want to join thousands of members and make money watching videos?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then you have arrived at the right page! Here we will be reviewing Clixsense – a community where you can make money online free and fast.

So What is Clixsense And Why is it so Popular?

Well, it’s really hard to put your finger on one aspect of Clixsense and say ‘that’s it!’. I suppose Clixsense is mostly referred to as a PTC ( Paid to Click ) or GPT ( Get Paid To ) site. Personally I would stray towards the GPT side myself.

I would say most new members arrive at the site looking to see what cash paid survey options they offer. After all, there is decent money to be made online by completing surveys these days!

Make money online free and fast or advertise your site and product

It’s important to point out that Clixsense is also a very effective advertising platform as well as somewhere to make money. Sure you can make money watching videos or spend your time completing tasks for money but initial function of the site was to be a cheap advertising option for websites.ClixsenseBanner

Clixsense is an organization that provides website publishers targeted and meaningful traffic. Website publishers get traffic and customers earn money – what a powerful trade-off!

How much money will I earn from using this platform?

That’s the main question isn’t it? What can I earn? We are here to find out how to make money online free and fast! Well let’s be brutally honest – if you are using Clixsense as a PTC do not expect to make a million – because you won’t!

This is pretty much the whole premise behind Clixsense. The pitch and idea is that you can join for nothing and generate income by simply clicking on advertisements. It would be great to lounge about in front of the TV all day clicking on adverts to earn money wouldn’t it? Don’t count on it!

Make money online free and fast with a cash paid survey

This is where I initially went wrong with this site – my choice of Clixsense job was all wrong. The higher paid jobs on Clixsense usually come in the form of a cash paid survey. These are offered by numerous different third party survey sites that work in conjunction with Clixsense.

How much does a cash paid survey pay?

Depending on the survey provider it usually averages around $1 per survey. The cool thing about Clixsense is that it now lets you know in advance how long each survey lasts for. This way you can pick a cash paid survey that is shorter than the others.ClixSense-Offers

Once you have completed one cash paid survey it’s time to move onto the next – try them all if you want! Personally I complete about five and I am in desperate need of a break as some of the survey subjects are really boring.

I suppose what I’m trying to say here is do what you can handle as it is not the hottest or most interesting job online. On the flip side I am friends with many Clixsense members that are able to complete A LOT of surveys on a weekly basis and in turn earn A LOT of money. Try out a Clixsense cash paid survey and see how many you can handle in a day!

Completing tasks for money with Crowdflower

Do not mistake a Clixsense task with a cash paid survey – they are very different payment structures. You are paid less for completing tasks for money but they usually take a shorter length of time to complete.

The tasks are supplied by a company called Crowdflower and are usually search engine or data entry based. I used to spend many hours out of the day completing tasks for money but these days I tend to stick to the cash paid survey area – I tend to make money quicker there.

Man I’m bored – let’s watch a video!

Don’t get excited – these are not Hollywood Blockbusters! If you want to make money watching videos get ready to sit in front of more than your fair share of TV adverts. Yes that’s right – the option to make money watching videos is equally as boring as every other Clixsense job!

But that’s the point of Clixsense – to offer jobs that nobody else wants to do! At least they are paying and legitimate. Personally I would always advise finding a cash paid survey that interests you and build your cash from there.

Completing tasks for money, clicking ads to earn or taking up the option to make money watching videos – they all work and they all pay. How you earn through Clixsense is up to you!