Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

We’re going to cover the subject of artificial Christmas tree storage due to the fact we are still in January at the moment and the ‘Noel’ memories are still very, very fresh.

It’s that time of year when there’s supposed to be good will to all men and all that! However if you’re anything like me then you will be on your toes for the whole two week period.

FACT – Children love Christmas, parents get run into the ground.

Making use of an artificial Christmas tree storage will help the clear up process but let’s be honest – there’s a lot more rubbish to clean up. Mountains of wrapping paper, toys that need to be assembled, toys that need a rocket scientist to get the battery compartment open, video cases that need a crowbar to open………….

Yeah you get the idea – sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

Finding room for all the presents and all the decorations in the new year is a right pain in the behind. Purchasing artificial Christmas tree storage gets one problem out of the way but what about the rest?

One in One Out Kids!

This is a little trick my mother taught me – for every new toy the kids receive get rid of two of the older, unused toys. There may well be a little resistance at first but once you point out it’s the old/unused toy or the new toy – the battle will be won!

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage By Gardman

Before we stray away from the subject lets get down to the nitty gritty ( so to speak! ). You have arrived here because you are interested in the idea of artificial Christmas tree storage. We were to! So we picked a more budget version of the product from Gardman – under $10 has to be worth a look right?

If you want to go straight to the site and check the product out yourself feel free to click the link below but if you want to find out our opinion on it – read on a bit!


This is a product released by Garden Selections Ltd and is a basic artificial Christmas tree storage bag. It fits most sized artificial trees as it’s dimensions are 120cm x 48cm x 33cm. After all most artificial Christmas trees break up into a few parts at least for easy storage.

Below are a few of the items specs that we thought you might be interested in:

  • Item contains some handy pockets on it’s side to place spare decorations
  • It is constructed out of strong polypropylene so it’s tough and tear resistant
  • We put it through the ‘wash test’ and it stood up to a full washing machine cycle with no problem at all.
  • When the item is boxed it weighs approximately 499g.

As I pointed out this product is not at the highest end of the market but it does the job as well as any other artificial Christmas tree storage option.

What’s more the price is less than a couple of drinks at your local pub or bar! It was sturdy, basic and very reliable. My tree splits into three pieces and once I had put it into the bag there was a load of space remaining – the bag will fit a huge tree!

If you are interested in seeing more about this artificial Christmas tree storage bag then simply click the link below. It will take you through to Amazon who sell the product. It is simply a good, solid, no frills artificial Christmas tree storage product: