Achilles Tendon Exercises

​A majority of amateur and professional athletes have to turn towards Achilles tendon exercises at some point in their life. I can personally vouch for the pain that an Achilles injury can provide so I felt it time we covered the subject here in this article.

The Achilles tendon is a very long and expansive tendon that runs from the back of your ankle all the way up to your calf muscles. If you slip your hand down the back of your ankle you will be able to locate the tendon – a stringy band of tissue. It allows the foot to be extended and your toes to point downwards.

A lot of athletes turn to Achilles tendon exercises due to the fact that the injury is very, very common. It’s all down to a medical problem called tendinitis which is very painful. Simply put it causes the tendon to swell up and cause the individual a lot of pain.

By neglecting the pain and avoiding Achilles tendon exercises you could well cause the injury to tear the tendon and eventually rupture!

The Causes of Achilles Tendon Injuries

By implementing Achilles tendon exercises into your daily workout you can limit the causes of Achilles tendon injuries. The following are some of the causes of Achilles tendon injuries:

– Overuse of the tendon

– Increasing the level or intensity of the exercise to quickly

– Not using the Achilles tendon exercises that involve stretching before activity

– Flat feet

– Very tight muscles and tendons within the leg.

Unfortunately for me I did not realize that men over the age of 30 are particularly at risk to Achilles tendon injuries. It is usually more common for a tear to happen when you start off the exercise to quickly especially in a sprint or running situation.

The Recommended Achilles Tendon Exercises And Cures

Unfortunately my lack of knowledge on Achilles tendon exercises and my lack of patience led my injury to linger for a lot longer than it should of. Achilles tendon injuries will clear up on their own accord as long as you give them time.

To speed up the healing process consider using the following Achilles tendon exercises/cures:

– Simply rest! Avoid putting any sort of weight on the poorly leg and rest it well.

– Use an ice pack on the painful area for half an hour every four hours or so.

– Use a compressing bandage to limit the amount of swelling.

– Elevate the injured leg using some sort of pillow or cushion.

– Use an insole or heel lift.

– Use stretching and strengthening exercises provided by doctor.

In most cases the techniques listed above will do the trick. Unfortunately in some severe cases a leg cast is called for or even surgery to repair the tendon.

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